Early childhood education in the West Shore area

We provide opportunities for learning through play and socialization!

About Us



Our centre, located in the Westshore, is a very well rounded and exciting childcare centre. We are excited to care for and teach your little ones while you are at work! We know that your child is very important to you and we thank you for allowing us to be a very important part of your family. 

Our centre is a mixture of many different philosophies as we believe children are able to grow from a wide range of activities. We follow emergent curriculum, Reggio, Waldorf as well as a HighScope approach. We believe incorporating several approaches will help children maximize reaching their learning potential. We believe in independence and we encourage children to try things out, explore and take risks to see what they are capable of. We encourage risk taking in a safe environment where children can learn and trust the adults who care for them. This kind of learning encourages problem solving skills. Both the infant toddler program and the preschool aged program have a wide range of activities and a balance of quiet and active, individual and group and free and planned activities. 

Our centre offers children the space and materials to stimulate their social, intellectual and physical development. Young children will move through various stages of play from infants involved in solitary play to when they are 5 and getting involved in cooperative and group play scenarios. Our centre will provide children the space to develop these social skills with each other. 

Little Bears ECE Centre advocates for children’s learning, growth, safety and health.


First-Rate Program Offerings

Our enriched ratio programs offer balanced learn through play activities


Our Mission

To help each individual child grow and develop as they progress through our programs.