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We love our families, and our families love us. Read what they have to say!

"Jenn and her staff are always available any time there is a question or concern and always communicate any issues or just how my son's day has been.  If only there were an afterschool program, I would not have either one of my kids leave this group centre!!!!!!!"

- Karen -read more here

"My experience is that the people who work here are the best. My son gets all the love and nurturing that I would give him as if he was at home. The teaching that is given is unbelievable."

- Kim J -read more here

"The talented staff continuously demonstrate how much they care for all the students at the center. From a parent perspective we love Jenn’s Little Bears teachers because they teach our children important life skills that will carry them through their lifetime."

- Kim C -read more here

"They take great care of the children, are very friendly and do endless activities. I would more than highly recommend this child care facility."

-Lindsey -read more here

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking such great care of J, and K before him. He truly loved coming to your centre every day which brought us joy and made life easier. We will miss your caring environment and will be back to visit :)."

Melissa, Matt, K & J.

"My daughter E has attended Jenn's Little Bears since she was 18 months old and is now 41/2 years old. She has had some challenges with speech and eating that were a real concern when I was selecting a daycare provider. The staff at Jenn's Little Bears has been extremely helpful and pro-active in supporting E's growth by developing strategies to help her overcome some of these challenges. They have created a nurturing and positive environment that has gone way beyond my expectations. Our family is truly grateful for the care and love they have shown to E, and every other child in their care. Thank you Jen, Ben, Sara, Stacie and Theresa"

Linda Baxter and Ralph Mohrmann

"Hello to Everyone at Jenn's Little Bears, The Best Daycare!

      I would like to thank everyone for taking such great care of my daughters M&G. They miss Jenn's Little Bears so much and so do we! I would like to thank each one of you for your kindness, patience and excellent early learning skills to help guide and support my daughters' daily learning development such as learning to share with others which is always a challenge. Since starting sometime last year M is now using the toilet by herself and G is sleeping without any trouble. The routines and activities have been out of this world at Jenn's Little Bears and we couldn't be happier with all of the experiences and memories that we have.

      I appreciate being invited to participate in events such as the pumpkin drive at Halloween. I enjoyed being notified by the newsletters for upcoming  events and activities happening at Jenn's Little Bears, which happens to be the most exciting daycare I have been fortunate enough to find.

     I noticed all of the learning activities positive impact on my children while they are at home. They have learned to talk about their feelings and wants and needs more rather than whining and crying to me. They have gained an interest in story time at home whereas before they were not interested in stories much more than the first page. Both my daughter's want books to read to them at home more often which is very supportive to my efforts to read to them at home.

      I really appreciate the emphasis on healthy food choices which can be difficult to handle with all the processed foods and snacks available at the grocery store. With the support of healthy eating guidelines I adapted to preparing healthier meal and snack choices for my daughters such as fresh fruit and vegetables rather than sugary snack foods that are sometimes easier to put in their lunches

      Of all my experiences with daycares, I would say that I am happy to find such an organized and efficient team of early learning childcare givers right down the road from our home. I am sorry we had to move out of town. My favorite aspect of Jenn's Little Bears is the sweetest and most creative art projects my daughter's both created and took home.

      As most of you know we are sad to leave Jenn's Little Bears, we are moving, and we wanted to let you all know how much we appreciate being with you all for most of the year. Each season was an adventure for us at Jenn's Little Bears! We wish you all the best for the future."


Lisa and Jayson

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