At Jenn's Little Bears we believe in treating our staff as fairly as possible. Our staff receive competitive wages, medical benefits and sick days. Our staff members all meet or exceed the post secondary education levels required by government licensing. We also let our educators have a say in the creative process and we try to take every idea and suggestion into consideration. Because of this we have had very little staff turnover since the centre began operation in September 2009, which helps the children to be comfortable with familiar faces around!

Jenn's Little Bears
Early Childhood Education Center
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Meet the staff

3-5 Centre

Ben (August 2009 - Present)

My name is Ben Paine and I help Jenn manage the centre. I have been working in the 3-5 centre with since October 2009 and I love it. I have my Assistant Educators License to Practice, with my courses taken at Camosun College. I am really enjoying my time at the centre and look forward to each day listening the children's funny stories they share. I look forward to meeting your family and making your child's experience at the centre a positive one! In April I am going to begin taking classes at Pacific Rim for my Early Childhood Educator Certificate.

ECE certificate through Pacific Rim, First Aid & CPR.

Sara (August 2009 - Present)

Hello! My name is Sara. I went to Camosun College in 2007 and got my certificate in Early Childhood Education. I've been working at Jenn's Little Bears ECE Center since it opened in August 2009. Previous to this, I spent just over one year in the 3-5 center at Castles and Dreams Daycare and then just under a year working in the Infant and Toddler Center. At first I was really nervous about working with younger children, I had worked with younger children before but not in a center, it was usually one to three younger children ages 1 to 3. As it turns out it was a good move because I love it! I love to see the children grow, learn and change every day. I eventually plan to go back to Camosun and get my diploma in Infant and Toddler education.  I look forward to meeting you and your family to welcome you to our center.

Early Childhood Educator Certification through Camosun College, First Aid & CPR

Ashley (March 2016 - Present)

Bio coming soon!

Qualifications: Early Childhood Educator Certification through Pacific Rim College, First Aid and CPR

Infant and Toddler Center

Jenn (August 2009 - Present)

My name is Jennifer Paine (nee Griffin) and I'm the owner and manager of Jenn's Little Bears Early Childhood Education Centre. I have completed my Certificate in Early Childhood Education as well as my Diploma in Infant & Toddler Education. I purchased the centre in August 2009 and I am very excited to make the centre a great place for children to feel comfortable and learn. Working with young children inspires and thrills me. I have a passion for caring for and teaching young children new things and seeing the thrill and excitement on their faces.

Qualifications: Early Childhood Educator Certification and Infant Toddler Educator Diploma through Camosun College, First Aid & CRP


Teresa (August 2009 - Present)

I've been taking care of children since I was 9 years old, when I started babysitting my brother and sister, along with some of my parents' friends' children.  After high school, I planned to get my teaching degree and teach elementary school, Due to a confusing session with a college adviser, I ended up enrolling in the Early Childhood Care and Education program at Camosun college and realized that it was the wrong course. I should have applied to the Education Program at UVIC, but I thought I would stick with it and give it a try. I ended up loving the chance to work with younger children, and I have loved it ever since. I have worked with all ages from 6 months to 6 years, in preschool, group daycare, family daycare and infant toddler centres. I have found that my favorite age group is the infants and toddlers. Their curiosity and thirst for knowledge and independence is so refreshing. They are always learning, so I am always learning.  I have been with Jenn's Little Bear's ECE Center since the beginning (Aug '09), but I have worked with the previous owner of the center since 2005 and the owner before that since 2004.
A bit more about me: I recently got married (July '09) and had my first child in March of 2010! I am so excited to be able to start my own family, and to watch my own child grow through all the developmental milestones I've been experiencing with other children.

Qualifications:ECE certificate from Camosun College in Victoria, B.C.
                        Infant/Toddler Citation from Northern Lights College, Fort St. John, B.C.
                        I also have 2 of 3 courses finished towards my Special Needs Citation completed as well.
                        I just have not found a convenient time to take 6 weeks off of work to complete the practicum.
                        First Aid & CPR

Tia (August 2014 - Present)

Hello! My name is Tia Robinson.  I am a 2014 graduate from the Early Learning and Care program at Camosun College.  I decided to enter the field of early childhood education because I have a passion for helping people and spending time with children.  After a lot of thinking I decided I could mix those two passions with one career.  I started working at Jenn's Little Bears September 2014 and have loved every minute of my time here.  I not only enjoy assisting children in learning about their environment, but I love when the children can help me learn new ways of seeing and doing things.  I love working in the infant and toddler side because I am constantly seeing growth and change.  Even when children move to the 3-5 centre I am still able to see how much they are growing and learning.

Qualifications: Early Learning and Care Certificate, Infant and Toddler Education Diploma through Camosun, Special Needs Education Diploma, First Aid & CPR

Chelsey (October 2014 - Present)
Bio pending!

Qualifications: ECE Assistant, First Aid & CPR

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