Jenn's Little Bears
Early Childhood Education Center
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Welcome to Jenn's Little Bears!!


Jenn's Little Bears serves the families and children of the Western Communities offering a "learning through play" environment. Recent studies now tell us that the first six years of a child´s life are critical for learning. Our centre will offer children the space and materials to stimulate their social, intellectual and physical development. Young children will move through various stages of play from infants involved in solitary play to five year olds being involved in cooperative and group play scenarios. Our centre will provide children the space to develop these social skills with each other. Both the infant toddler centre and the preschool/daycare program have a wide range of activities and a great balance of quiet and active, individual and group and free and planned activities. Jenn's Little Bears will provide the following important aspects to our environment for every child;
      · A safe and nurturing environment
      · Valuing and respecting diversity
      · Open ended, free choice and developmentally appropriate activities
      · Partnerships with families
      · Modeling appropriate personal and professional behavior

Jenn's Little Bears will help each individual child develop the skills they need to explore and continue on to kindergarten.


Jenn's Little Bears has been operating out of a facility that has been in operation under various names for many years and has a historical connection with the neighborhood. In fact there are 2 staff members that once attended the facility when they were younger! Jenn has been operating the centre since August 2009 and as hard as it is to say goodbye to friends and families when they go to Kindergarten it is always a joy to meet new families!

Handbook and Sign-Up Forms

Here is the parent handbook which will guide you through the centre's policies - Parent_Handbook_2016-2.pdf
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If you wish to sign up for a space at Jenn's Little Bears here is the registration form - Registration_Form.pdf
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Here is the parent contract that is also required to apply for a 3-5 space - Family_Contract_2016__3-5_.pdf
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Here is the parent contract that is required to apply for an infant/toddler space - Family_Contract_2016__IT_.pdf
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