Jenn's Little Bears
Early Childhood Education Center
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Our activities include:

  • Singing
  • Instruments
  • Dance
  • Reading
  • Outdoor play
  • Counting 
  • Social development
  • Large and fine motor skill development
  • Circle time
  • Letter recognition
  • Sensory Tables
  • Art projects
  • Sports basics
  • Walks down the Galloping Goose
  • Many more developmentally appropriate activities

We also schedule theme days regularly. Themes can include crazy hair day, backwards day, super hero day to name a few. We also have special guests stop by including Santa Claus and Marty the Marmot!

We also schedule field trips, walks and trips to nearby parks. Our 3-5 class visits Galey's Farm every October, as well as a monthly visit to the Priory. Other trips include the water park, movie theater, swimming pool and most recently Sesame Street!

Circle Times

At Jenn's Little Bears our main goal each day is to get each child closer to being Kindergarten ready and to have fun doing along the way. This includes circle times which begin in the infant/toddler centre where the toddlers sing songs and play games which teach them the basics like colors and listening to stories. This helps the toddlers move seamlessly into our built in preschool program where we have 3 tiers of circles. the Koalas, Pandas and Grizzlies.

Our 3-5 circle time begins with a big circle where our friends can now say good morning in English, French, Japanese and Sign. Our special helper of the day then helps the educator discover what day it is and then takes a peek outside so he/she can update the weather board. The special helper then gets to sing a song by himself or with the group. We then have a friend come up and share their favorite toy, stuffy or treasure with us and answer questions from their friends. We then sing some songs or work on some new sign language songs before moving to our smaller group circles.

The Koalas add on to the basics they learned in the infant/toddler program and move on to letter/number recognition, instruments, relationships and basic sign language. This circle is traditionally shorter as they usually need to use the washroom before going outside and are often unable to sit and learn for long periods of time.

The Pandas are the middle group that have discovered the basics of numbers and letters and are ready for tougher challenges. At this level we work on recognizing our own names and the beginning letters of our friends and teachers names which can make learning the alphabet fun! We also play memory games, sign language colors and alphabet as well as more songs and relationships.

In the Grizzly circle we try to put the finishing touches on Kindergarten preparedness. We work on small and capital letter sheets, writing our own name, more complex numbers (10s, 20s, 30s), and simple addition.


Ben runs a sports program on Wednesday mornings with the 3-5 year old children and Thursday mornings with the infants and toddlers, the program starts with a brief warm-up followed by stretching. After everyone is all stretched out we play mini games to teach the children fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and basic sports skills. If there is time we move on to sports specific skills such as passing, shooting or throw-ins for soccer. If it is a baseball day we work on base running in the right order or hitting a ball off of a tee or by pitching depending on the group.

Green Initiatives

Jenn's Little Bears is committed to teaching the children about the environment and treating it responsibly and respectfully. We often take the children on nature walks down the Galloping Goose Trail, we have never found the Galloping Goose but the children enjoy the journey anyway! There are always learning opportunities on the trail such as moving to the side to let cyclists pass as well as asking dog owners first before we pet them.

Our 3-5 year old children also learn how to sort their leftover lunch materials. We have 5 different bins we can put refuse in and the children learn how to decide which bin their item should go in. We have paper, plastic/tin, and drink container recycling, composting for our fruit and veggie peels and finally the garbage can for items we cannot reuse or save! Every morning our 3-5 children bring a fruit or vegetable to share for shared snack. All leftover peels and seeds get composted. We are proud to say our morning snack creates no garbage!


When Jenn's Little Bears first started operations Jenn brought her dog Scooter in once in a while for short visits to see if the children would be interested in having pet companions in the centre. It didn't take long too realize how much the kids love Scooter (and now Tonka as well) so dogs are a regular fixture at Jenn's Little Bears. Having pets at the centre has offered us the opportunity to teach the children empathy towards pets and other creatures that crawl, hop or fly, as well as how to approach dogs in settings outside the centre. Scooter and Tonka are very patient throughout this process and don't get upset when fallen on or tripped over! Above you can see a photo we took when the children decided that Scooter and Tonka needed to read during story time!


Every Friday both centres go for a walk together, usually to the Kelly Rd. park or to the Galloping Goose trail. Big friends from the 3-5 centre are partnered with a little friend from the infant and toddler centre. This helps introduce our infant/toddler friends to the "big kids" in the 3-5 centre and moving to the "big centre" becomes less scary! The 3-5 children also learn how to make new friends and take care of their little buddy! At the park the children meet new kids who are also at the park, and they get to explore in a different space. On the trail friends are taught to move to the side of the path when a bike is riding by and they also learn to ask if they can pet dogs on the trail, and to wait for an answer before petting to ensure the dog and owner are OK with it!

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